Samsung has unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, which is expected to launch later this year. 

The new handset, codenamed S7 Edge, is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, with a 4.7-inch screen, an 8-megapixel camera, a 5.1-megacompact front camera, and a 5-megapixels rear camera. 

According to a source close to Samsung, the smartphone will have an IP67 waterproof rating, with IP67 rating meaning it should withstand up to 4 meters (14 feet) of water.

The new smartphone is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor on the backside, meaning users will be able to unlock the device using a fingerprint reader. 

As you might expect, the handset is made of metal, which means the battery will last at least six months of usage, while the camera and sensor will last longer.

The new smartphone will be the second handset to be released by Samsung in the past two years. 

Samsung launched the Galaxy S6, which has been around for two years, and also the Samsung Galaxy S5, which was released last October. 

However, the S6 Edge is the first smartphone to be unveiled with Samsung’s new “Vibrant” design language.

The S6 Edge features a “vibrant design” that is reminiscent of the Apple Watch Series 3. 

With the S6 series, Samsung’s biggest move to date, it announced a number of new features and features, including a curved screen, a metal design, and waterproofing. 

But with the S7 Edge debut, the company has also decided to change its design language, introducing a “vibrancy” design that includes the camera and sensors, a metal back, and an IP67-rated battery. 

In an interview with TechRadar, Samsung Senior Vice President Andrew Liu said the new design language was inspired by Apple Watch.

“The Apple Watch is about a little bit of everything,” he said.

“You can’t say ‘we’re going to be all about the watches, the watch faces, the watches that are designed to be your daily companion.

We’re going back to a design language that is more of a lifestyle product.” 

Liu explained that the design language on the new Galaxy S9 is similar to what he and other senior Samsung executives have been doing. 

“We’re making a bold statement about the future of our brand,” he explained.

“We’re taking on a design direction that’s going to evolve and evolve over time.

We are changing how we communicate, what we do in our products, what our customer experience is.

We’ve been iterating and we’re taking a big step back in the evolution of our design language, and I think we’re going in a really exciting direction with this design language.” 

The design language change comes in conjunction with the unveiling of a new smartphone, which Samsung has announced as the S8. 

This new handset will be available for purchase in September, and it will reportedly be the first phone to feature a new design. 

 The S9 is said to feature the same design language as the previous model, but with a new metal back. 

There is no word yet on when the S9 will arrive, or what model it will be called. 

We’ll be sure to update you with any new information on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 when it comes out.