The iPad mini 3 has a camera built into it, but this year, the iPad 4 gets a nice little upgrade.

The iPad 4 camera is a very nice new addition to the iPad lineup, and the camera is the first one I’ve seen to be quite a good camera on the mini 4.

This camera is not just good, it’s also good enough to see things that I’d normally miss out on in video apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

You can use the iPad camera to take photos, and you can even use the camera to capture video.

This means that you can take photos of the same thing as you can a video, but the video is much more interesting because you can see what the person was doing when they took the photo.

This is probably the most exciting new feature for anyone who has an iPad mini.

This new camera does not require an external camera, so you can actually use the iPhone 5 camera, and if you want to get the best photo, you need to use the iPod touch.

If you are in the market for a video camera or want to shoot some amazing 360-degree videos, this is a great choice.

You should also keep in mind that if you have a bigger tablet or iPad Pro, this camera will be a little smaller than on the smaller iPad mini, and it will need to be mounted to the top of the tablet to make it work.

The camera also doesn’t have a flash, so there are a couple of issues that come up if you’re using a flash.

First, you will need a tripod to use this camera.

If it’s a tripod, the camera will just slide into the tablet when it’s mounted, which means that it will take a long time to adjust to being on the table.

Second, there is a bit of an issue with the camera when you’re shooting video.

You won’t get a clear view of what the scene is.

In order to see what you are shooting, you are going to need to set the iPad to take a photo and then hold the camera in front of you for about a second.

It will then shoot a shot, then release it.

It’s a bit awkward to hold the iPad in front for this long, but if you use a tripod and you’re standing up, you can hold the tablet down and then shoot the photo without having to hold it for a second, and this will work great.

Another problem with the video camera is that it doesn’t do very well with motion.

When you shoot videos with it, it can take some time to capture what you want, so it’s best to shoot videos quickly and not take photos as fast as you could if you didn’t have to.

The best video cameras will capture what they’re intended to capture, and they will do so with a level of detail that you are not likely to get from just a simple flash.

This video camera does a lot of good things, and is a nice addition to any iPad, but it also has a few drawbacks.

For one thing, you’re going to have to make sure that you mount it properly, and in order to make this happen, you have to buy a new tripod and buy a good tripod mount.

This seems like a bit much for a small iPad, especially considering that you could just mount it to the front of your iPad.

The second problem is that the iPad’s camera is actually really bad at taking pictures of objects that are not directly in front.

If your camera has a built-in flash, you may get some great shots of a tree, but they won’t have as good a sense of detail as you’d expect from a photo of a person.

There is a small improvement in the video quality with this camera, however, because the video still shows the person who took the shot.

This might not sound like much, but with a good video camera and a good lens, you should be able to get really good photos of pretty much anything.

The downside to the video cameras is that you need a little more patience.

It might take a few minutes for the video to be taken, but when it is, the results will be spectacular.

You’ll need to wait for a long while, but you can’t beat the iPad for that.

I would have bought a second camera if it was cheaper.

You might have heard of the Apple Pencil, but that is not a great camera for video.

The Pencil does a good job of capturing video, and I think it is a better camera for videos than the Apple Camera for video, which is really a good thing.

But I did not find this Pencil to be as good as the Apple camera, even with a great video camera.

This iPad camera is very similar to the one on the iPhone, and that is probably a good sign.

The Apple Pen, which we reviewed earlier this year for the iPad Mini, does a great job of taking