The Osprey Flight Sciences team is ready for the launch of a new video camera to replace the current Ospreys video camera.

The Osprie Flight Sciences company announced the arrival of the Ospryre Pro Video Camera (OVC) at the Aero India 2016 in Bangalore on Friday.

“The OSPrey Pro Video camera is a new, compact, lightweight, low-cost camera that is designed to be easily mounted on the OSPYRE helicopter,” the company said.

Ospreys are capable of carrying a total of six people, but they are not able to carry additional crew.

OVC will be the first video camera that will be built in India.

It is also the first camera to be developed in partnership with Indian aerospace firm Bharat Forge.

Osprey’s video cameras have become a fixture in Indian air travel.

It was recently announced that Ospreys video cameras will soon be being manufactured in India and it will be used in all Ospries operations in the country.