Nikon has introduced the world’s largest ultra-telephoto lens with a resolution of 4,280 x 3,840 pixels, enabling the company to take full advantage of the latest digital camera technology.

The new 28mm f/1.8 lens was announced by Nikon’s global head of photography, Takuya Matsuzawa, at the Photokina trade show in Barcelona, Spain.

It is designed for a range of wide-angle photography applications including macro photography, video, and still photography.

It can be used with all Nikon DSLRs, including D7100, D3, D300, D700, D610, D500, D5200, D5500, D600, D70, D750, D800, D810, D90, D100, and D200.

Its wider-angle capabilities are due to a new lens mount system that allows for more aperture blades than the previous Nikon lenses.

This new lens has a maximum aperture of f/2.8 and is rated for 120-400mm and a maximum magnification of 1.4x.

This means it will be able to produce some seriously impressive images even at its maximum aperture.

It will be available in a wide range of focal lengths, from 24mm to 28mm.

The lens will be sold at $6,699, but the price will drop to $3,499 after a limited number of preorders, according to Nikon.

It features a 1.5x optical zoom, a built-in flash and a tripod mount, and a 3-inch LCD screen.

For the camera enthusiasts out there, the lens is also designed to work with a wide array of digital cameras including Nikon’s DSLRs.

Nikon says the new lens will deliver “an incredibly versatile focal length for both macro and still-camera photography,” which is “exactly what the market is looking for.”

The new lens is available for preorder starting today.

Nikons official press release about the camera is below.