Personal video camera is a popular option for capturing video.

It allows you to capture images without using a bulky camera or camera phone.

However, it also has drawbacks.

One of them is the size of the camera.

While some of these cameras can fit in your pocket, most are not big enough to carry a camera in your bag or purse.

Personal video cameras can also be a little pricey.

To get the best value, you might consider a smartphone camera.

The smartphone camera has been around for years, and it has been able to do more with less.

While it’s not perfect, the smartphone camera is affordable, reliable and easy to use.

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The most popular smartphone camera in Canada The best smartphones and tablets for recording video Personal video is a major part of the smartphone experience.

In fact, it is the number one feature on smartphone handsets.

You might consider the Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Nokia Lumia 900 and other top smartphones.

You’ll also need to get a smartphone with a 4K video camera.

You can get a 4k camera at most major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, Best Buy and even Best Buy.

If you don’t own a smartphone, you’ll need a dedicated video camera like the GoPro Hero5 Black.

While you won’t be able to use the GoPro on a regular basis, you can use the Hero5 for capturing GoPro footage and for sharing the GoPro experience with your friends.

Here are some of the best video cameras that are available right now.

Nokia Lumia 930 Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia Lumia 1020 Samsung Galaxy 930 Samsung Galaxy 5S Samsung Galaxy 10 Apple iPhone 6 Apple iPhone SE Apple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone X Apple iPhone 8 Apple iPhone 9 Apple iPhone Pro Apple iPhone 10 Apple Pixel XL Apple iPhone 11 Nokia Lumia 800 Nokia Lumia 950 Nokia Lumia 820 Nokia Lumia 1000 Nokia Lumia 1050 Nokia Lumia 1320 Samsung K1 Samsung K2 Samsung K3 Samsung K4 Samsung K5 Samsung K6 Samsung K7 Samsung K8 Samsung K9 Nokia Lumia 1520 Nokia Lumia 2020 Nokia N9 Nokia N8 Nokia N7 Nokia N6 Nokia N5 Nokia N4 Nokia N3 Nokia N2 Nokia N1 Nokia N0 Nokia N99 Nokia N98 Nokia N97 Nokia N96 Nokia N95 Nokia N94 Nokia N93 Nokia N92 Nokia N91 Nokia N90 Nokia N89 Nokia N88 Nokia N87 Nokia N86 Nokia N85 Nokia N84 Nokia N83 Nokia N82 Nokia N81 Nokia N80 Nokia N79 Nokia N78 Nokia N77 Nokia N76 Nokia N75 Nokia N74 Nokia N73 Nokia N72 Nokia N71 Nokia N70 Nokia N69 Nokia N68 Nokia N67 Nokia N66 Nokia N65 Nokia N64 Nokia N63 Nokia N62 Nokia N61 Nokia N60 Nokia N59 Nokia N58 Nokia N57 Nokia N56 Nokia N55 Nokia N54 Nokia N53 Nokia N52 Nokia N51 Nokia N50 Nokia N49 Nokia N48 Nokia N47 Nokia N46 Nokia N45 Nokia N44 Nokia N43 Nokia N42 Nokia N41 Nokia N40 Nokia N39 Nokia N38 Nokia N37 Nokia N36 Nokia N35 Nokia N34 Nokia N33 Nokia N32 Nokia N31 Nokia N30 Nokia N29 Nokia N28 Nokia N27 Nokia N26 Nokia N25 Nokia N24 Nokia N23 Nokia N22 Nokia N21 Nokia N20 Nokia Lenses and Accessories The best lenses for shooting video Nokia Lumix GX5 Nokia Lumis NX100 Nokia Lumos NX110 Nokia Lumo 10 Nokia Lumus X5 Nokia PX10 Nokia PZ-2 Nokia P2 Nokia Vario Vario III Nikon F100 Nikon F3 Nikon F1.8 Nikon F50 Nikon F35 Nikon F70 Nikon F5 Nikon F7 Nikon F8 Nikon D3 Nikon D300 Nikon D2 Nikon D500 Nikon D700 Nikon D800 Nikon D600 Nikon D7000 Nikon D5100 Nikon D5000 Nikon D6000 Nikon D7500 Nikon D7700 Nikon Sigma 18-200 Nikon Sigma 24-70 Nikon Sigma 25-70 Olympus E-M1 Olympus E70 Olympus OM-D E-1 Olympus OM 100 Olympus OM 105 Olympus OM 135 Olympus OM 200 Olympus OM 300 Olympus OM 400 Olympus OM 500 Olympus OM 600 Olympus OM 650 Olympus OM 700 Olympus OM 800 Olympus OM 900 Olympus OM 1200 Olympus OM 1500 Olympus OM 2000 Olympus OM 2500 Olympus OM 3000 Olympus OM 350 Olympus OM 420 Olympus OM 450 Olympus OM 575 Olympus OM 560 Olympus OM 610 Olympus OM 620 Olympus OM 630 Olympus OM 645 Olympus OM 710 Olympus OM 780 Olympus OM 880 Olympus OM 9000 Olympus OM X3 Olympus OM Zuiko Olympus PEN E-PL5 Olympus PENTAX-DA X Olympus Pentax K-1 Pentax K5 Pentax-DA II Pentax D7-E II Pentacam