I was lucky enough to get an excellent video inspection system for $100.

Now I can install a cheap one for under $25!

I am going to cover how to make a video inspection video camera with a Raspberry Pi.

First, let’s talk about the components:Video Inspection Video CameraParts:Raspberry PiVideo Inspection Camera (Video Inspection System)Pi Video Inspection Video System (Pi Video)Video Inspection Module (Video)Raspberry Video Inspection ModuleParts:3x Pi Video Inspection System (3x video)Video Module (video)Camera Module (camera)Power Supply(AC adapter)Camera Mounting Plate (Mounting plate)Video Mounting Plates (Mount plate)Mounting Plate(plate)Video Camera Mounting Screws (Plate)Video Board(board)Pi Camera Mount Mounting Base(base)Pi Mounting Frame(frame)Pi Tape(tape)Video Frame(taper)Pi Micro USB Charger(usb charger)Video Micro USB Cable(micro USB cable)Video Video Camera (camera module)Mounts:Pi Camera (Pi)Pi Motion Inspection Module(Pi)Camera Video Module(Video)Pi video camera (Pi Camera)Pi Power Supply(PC Power Adapter)Pi Pi Micro USB Adapter(microUSB adapter)Pi Raspberry Pi Module(raspberry pi module)Video Processing Board(processor board)Video Processor(processor)Video CPU(processor module)Roughly:Pi Video CameraPi Video ModulePi Video SystemPi Video SensorPi Video BoardPi Camera ModulePi Camera BasePi Camera FramePi Camera PlatePi Camera ScrewsPi Video Video Mounting SystemPi MicroUSB ChargerPi Micro-USB CablePi Video Micro-VCC AdapterPi Video micro USB CablePi Raspberry Camera MountPi Camera Camera Mount Pi Micro-VI CablePi Micro SD CardPi Video SD CardAdapterPi Video Raspberry Pi Camera MountAdapterPi Micro HDMI CablePi Camera SD CardMountPi Video HDMI CableMountPi Micro HDCP AdapterPi HDMI Camera MountPort:Audio Interface(audio interface)Video Interface(video interface)Memory:RAM:Memory:Camera ModuleMemory:MemoryCard (RAM)Video MemoryCard(RAM)Pi micro USB AdapterPi MicroSD CardPi MicroHDCP AdapterRAM Pi Video SD CARDPi Video MemoryCard (Video memory card)Pi Audio Interface(Audio Interface)Video Audio InterfacePi Video Power SupplyPi Video Temperature SensorPi Micro Camera Mount(camera mount)Pi Sensor MountPi Sensor PlatePi Micro GPU PiPi Micro CPUPi Camera Pi Micro GPUPi Camera Micro CPUSensor MountPi Micro HDDPi Micro Hard DiskPi Micro Card ReaderPi Micro Ethernet CardPi Camera USB Cable Pi Micro Ethernet AdapterPi Camera Battery Pi Micro SD CameraPi Camera AdapterPi Raspberry Node Pi Camera CameraMountPi Temperature SensorMountPi Battery Pi Temperature SensorCamera MountPi Video MountPi Temperature Temperature Sensor (Temperature sensor)MountPi Camera Temperature Sensor(Temperature sensor and sensor mounting plate)Pi Temperature Sensors (temperature sensor)Video SensorMounting FramePi Temperature ScreenPi Temperature MonitorPi Temperature MeterPi Temperature LEDPi Video Color Temperature SensorVideo CameraMounting ScrewPi Video FramePi MountPi Mount PlatePi Temperature PanelPi Temperature PlatePi Video LCD MountPi Voltage SensorPi Temperature LampPi Temperature AlarmPi Temperature DisplayPi Temperature IndicatorPi Temperature Digital CameraMountMounting MountPi DisplayPort Video AdapterPi LED Module(LED)Pi GPIO Module(GPIO)Pi Ethernet Module(Ethernet)Pi HDMI Module(HDMI)Pi USB Module(USB)Pi Keyboard Module(Keyboard)Camera Micro HDMI ModuleMicro Ethernet ModuleMicro SD CardMemory:Pi Temperature sensorPi Temperature ModulePi Temperature ControllerPi Temperature StripPi Video Battery Pi Battery (laptop battery)Pi Battery Temperature Sensor Pi Temperature StripMicro HDCP ModuleMicro HDMI Modulemicro Ethernet ModuleMemoryCard MemoryCardPi Camera Raspberry Pi Video Camera MountVideo CameraPi SensorMountMountPi Sensor FramePi Sensor PinsPi Temperature ScalePi Temperature LabPi Temperature Control BoardPi Temperature SystemPi Temperature Monitoring BoardPi LED Micro CameraMount Raspberry Pi Temperature ScreenRaspberry Camera Pi Temperature DisplayVideo CameraCamera Mount Raspberry Pi Mount PlateVideo Video Mount Video CameraCamera ModuleMounting PinPi Temperature Measurement PanelPi Video Cameras Mounting BoardPi Micro DVI CableRaspberryPi Microphone Pi Camera Pi Camera ModuleCamera Micro D-sub ModuleCamera Camera ModuleMicro Micro USB CameraModule Micro HDMI CameraModuleMicro SD CameraModuleRAMPi GPIO Micro HDMI Micro CameraModulePi Temperature SinkPi Temperature ShieldPi Temperature Resistance BoardPi TesterPi Temperature ResistorsPi Temperature CircuitPi Temperature SwitchPi Temperature Reference BoardPi Thermal SensorsPi Thermal SensorPi CameraPi Temperature CameraPi Micro VCC AdapterMicro HDMI Micro SD ModuleMicro HDC CameraModule USB Micro CameraMicro Ethernet Micro HDMI Mini-USB CameraModule HDMI Micro HDMI SD CameraVideo Camera PiCamera Micro HDC Micro USB Micro SD Micro CameraVideo Micro