Blackmagic Video Cameras will be offered for all consumer and professional thermal video applications in 2018, the world’s largest video camera manufacturer said in a statement today.

The company, which was founded in 1994 and produces the world-class video cameras for Apple, Samsung, Panasonic and Fujifilm, said that it expects to introduce more thermal video devices over the next several years.

The new products will be sold as a bundle and include a high-definition video camera with an integrated thermal sensor, and an optional digital thermal camera.

Blackmagic will also offer a new thermal camera, which will be available as a separate product.

Blackmagic is the world leader in thermal video and has produced thermal video equipment since 2006.

The company currently offers four different thermal cameras for its video camera range, each with a thermal sensor integrated.

The video cameras are designed to record high-resolution, high-frame rate video and are equipped with thermal sensors.

The thermal sensors, which are located in the video camera itself, are used to control the video feed and are typically located near the camera’s sensor.

BlackMagic’s current thermal cameras are based on technology from its Thermal Infrared Imaging (TIR) camera line.TIR technology can produce high-quality thermal images, and the company’s latest thermal cameras feature a number of different sensors.

The thermal cameras on Blackmagic’s video cameras can capture images that are comparable to those produced by commercial cameras.

BlackMagic is also offering a range of third-party thermal imaging software and accessories that it claims will enable it to achieve higher resolution images.

Blacklites thermal cameras use infrared thermal sensors and are designed specifically for thermal video.

BlackLites’ products are currently sold as thermal cameras with integrated thermal sensors in the US and Canada.

Black Magic is launching its newest thermal video product, the Blackmagic Blacklite X6.

The camera is designed to capture a wide range of images with a wide-angle lens.

The product is available for purchase as a standalone product.

The new thermal video products are designed for applications that include video and still images and can be used for capturing thermal images of objects such as water, smoke, and clouds, as well as capturing thermal videos of human bodies.