Video camera apps are a growing category of devices and products in the Apple ecosystem, as Apple and Google continue to work together to build out the next generation of video cameras.

Apple introduced the Blink video camera app for iOS 11, which allows users to take photos and video on their Apple Watch, but it doesn’t let users record video from their iPhone, which would be a big step forward.

The Blink video app for the iPhone is also available in the Google Play Store.

But if you want to capture a video on your iPhone from your computer or Mac, Apple’s own Camera+ app is probably your best bet.

Like the Blink app, the Camera+ for the Apple Watch will record and stream video from your smartphone, so you can capture that amazing, super-fast motion.

But it also supports recording and streaming to your Mac, as well as other Macs and PCs.

And that’s really what this is all about.

You can easily create a quick video and capture it on your computer, then share it with a friend and watch it live.

Apple is already working on video camera apps for its iPad and iPod Touch, and the company has already launched an Apple TV app.

But we’re not sure if that will be coming to other devices in the coming months.

We do know that Apple is working on a video camera for the Mac.

As it is now, you can use the Camera app to capture video from the Apple TV on the AppleTV Pro and other Apple TV models.

That’s the camera for now, and you can get an update that will allow you to capture footage from your Mac and use it to record video on the Mac, too.

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