New York magazine is reporting that it has been developing a feature for kids called KidsVideoCam, which will stream live video from cameras in the home and provide a place to connect with the world via social media.

The feature, dubbed KidsVideoCamera, will be available later this year and will feature a live feed that can be shared by parents, kids, and others via Facebook and Twitter.

The feature will allow parents to control the camera with voice commands and will offer live feeds from cameras that have been installed in their home.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for kids to have fun and have a good time with their parents,” said KidsVideoDirector, an initiative by New York’s Department of Technology.

“KidsVideoCam is a way for kids and their parents to have a great time and share that with each other, without having to worry about parental approval.”

The feature will also allow parents, grandparents, and anyone else in the household to share and broadcast their videos to a network.

New York City has already taken steps to make its video cameras more accessible and connected, including installing a smartphone app to allow for the sharing of live feeds.

This is part of the department’s ongoing efforts to get more children and families to connect and interact with one another via social networks.