We all know that video cameras are on the rise.

They’re a great way to capture your images and videos in a fast-paced environment, while giving you a chance to capture a few photos without having to worry about your smartphone.

But is it worth the investment?

We’ve found out.

We asked our friends in the video camera world to share their top recommendations for hi8 videos.


Hi8 camera: It’s a $300 camera, but it’s worth it if you’re an Instagram fan.

This camera offers great features, especially for selfie photos, and is a very high-end option for capturing quality selfies.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 offer similar features for around $300, but they’re still more expensive.2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: This camera is really a camera with a lot of features, and it’s a fantastic choice if you want to capture quality photos with your friends.

If your main goal is selfies, it’s an excellent option, but if you don’t care about that, it might not be for you.3.

Canon 5D Mark III: This is a really good camera for capturing images with a few close-ups, and you get a decent resolution for your money.

But it’s not the best camera option if you have an older smartphone or want to get a new phone.4.

Sony A6000: It is a good camera with good features, but you may need to use it with older smartphones, so it’s definitely not a great option if your main goals are selfies.5.

Olympus OM-D E-M5: This Sony camera has a lot going for it, and for good reason.

It’s very versatile, and has a wide variety of features.

However, it is very expensive for a flagship camera.6.

Canon Rebel T6: This lens is really good for shooting selfies, but the only downside is that it’s really expensive.

If that’s the only reason you’re going for this camera, then the Canon EOS 50D is a better choice.7.

Nikon D810: If you want a camera that is a lot more than a selfie camera, this Nikon D7000 has a really nice camera for it.

It has a very fast shutter speed and is very good for selfies, too.8.

Olympus E-1: This Olympus camera has some nice features, such as a wide-angle lens, a great sensor, and a wide aperture.

However it’s only at the end of its price range.9.

Samsung Note 7 Plus: This Samsung camera has good features and a great price.

It can take a lot better pictures, but for the price it is a bit disappointing.10.

Sony PXW100: This small camera is a great camera for selfies.

However if you like selfies more, then this Sony camera is better for you, because it’s much cheaper.11.

Sony MDR-A700: This very small Sony camera offers a wide range of features that is great for selfies and other video, and the price is right for this small camera.12.

Olympus PEN-E3: This Panasonic camera has great features for selfies (like a wide angle lens, wide sensor, wide aperture), but it costs a lot.

You have to look for a Panasonic with some of those features and it will be much better than the PEN E3.13.

Panasonic Lumix GX5: Panasonic is offering a lot with this camera.

The big advantage is that this camera has two lenses that can shoot in both portrait and landscape mode.

However the Panasonic Lumax GX3 doesn’t have a lot to offer.14.

Nikon Coolpix: This Nikon camera has all of the features of the Coolpox camera, except it’s smaller.

However there are a few drawbacks: its not a selfie cam, and its not very versatile.15.

Panasonic GX6: Panasonic has released the GX7, a much better camera than the Gx5.

It comes with a wide array of features and features that are great for selfie shots.

It is also available with a 24-120mm lens, which is great if you need to shoot in low light situations.16.

Sony S90: Sony has released a lot in the S90 series of cameras.

The S90 has great cameras with good range of camera features and good quality for a price.

This is definitely one of the better Sony cameras, and one of our top picks for the camera market.17.

Nikon F3: Nikon is also releasing a lot for this Nikon camera.

Its camera features are similar to the F3, but with more features like flash and phase detection autofocus.18.

Olympus Digital Zoom: Olympus has released some amazing cameras.

This Olympus is a budget camera, so if you are looking for something that can help you get quality photos