With its large OLED display, the PS4 Pro offers more screen real estate than the PS5.

Its 1080p resolution also lets it play 4K videos.

And the console is also able to play 4k content, which means it can play 4:3 or 5:4 video.

However, the 4K capabilities of the PS Vita’s new model are limited to the limited 4K resolution.

This means that the PS3 and PS4 can’t play video, but the PSVita and Vita Pro can.

In order to watch 4K video, you’ll need a 4K TV or projector with a 1080p screen resolution.

But you can use a high-definition 4K projector to watch video on your PS Vita, PS4, or PS4 Slim.

Read more about the Sony PS4 video-streaming camera here.

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