The latest version of the popular smartwatch market share tracker has been updated to show that Apple’s Apple Watch is the best selling smartwatch in the US, ahead of Samsung’s Gear S3 and Pebble’s $200 smartwatch. 

The latest version, released last week, shows that Apple is the biggest smartwatch brand, with a 41.7% share of the smartwatch segment, and Samsung is second at 20.7%.

The number one spot goes to Pebble, which has a 25.3% share and Google’s Android Wear at 12.3%.

In its latest survey, which gives data from more than 20,000 US smartwatch users, Google said that it had more than 9.5 million Android Wear smartwatches sold in the first quarter of 2018.

Samsung had 1.4 million units sold in its first quarter, while Pebble had 1 million.

The company said that the smartwear market has grown from 3 million in 2014 to 7.2 million in 2018.

It expects this growth to continue in the coming quarters, with the market for smartwears expected to grow by 30% year-on-year to 7 million smartwares in 2020.

In the US market, the smartwear market is dominated by Apple, with its wearable devices dominating.

Samsung and Pebble are the second and third biggest brands, respectively, in the market.

In 2018, Apple is expected to sell approximately 7 million smartphones and 2.5 billion wearable devices, with Samsung and Google as the largest manufacturers. 

 The market for smartphones has grown rapidly over the past year, with shipments of Samsung smartphones growing by 35% year on year and by 20% in 2018 to over 4 million units.

The US market for wearable devices has also grown rapidly, with sales of Samsung wearable devices growing by 28% in the year to 2018.

The smartwatch industry is growing rapidly in the emerging markets.

The market for Apple smartwis rose from 3.2 billion units sold globally in 2014, to 10.6 billion units last year. 

Smartwatch sales have risen from $5.9 billion in 2014 and to $12.6bn in 2018, according to a report from the International Data Corporation.

In 2020, the world’s smartwatch shipments will reach 5.7 billion units, up from 3 billion units in 2018 and a record high.

In addition, the global smartphone market will reach 3.7bn units by 2020, up 3.1% year to date.

The number of smartwires sold is forecast to reach 9.8 billion units globally by 2020. 

Source: IoT Devices Market Tracker (IoDTM)  by Samir Niaz and Curtis Zukerich