The Federal Communications Commission is lifting an Obama-era rule that limited online video services to one video per month.

The FCC said Friday it will give the industry another year to come up with new rules that could streamline how consumers access videos on mobile devices, but will allow those who already offer online video to use the same technology that the company already offers to stream video.

The agency is also making the industry to provide data to consumers, including location and time.

It also is making it harder for people to get their video streamed.

The change to video streaming rules came after the FCC said it was considering requiring video providers to track their customers’ viewing patterns.

The move could also be seen as a way to get the FCC to approve the video streaming industry’s controversial new $8 billion video streaming business, which has been accused of stealing consumers’ video for advertising and other uses.

The decision comes as the FCC is weighing whether to move forward with a proposal that would let consumers stream video without using a pay-TV subscription.

The Federal Trade Commission, which is the agency that regulates video streaming services, had recommended that the FCC lift the video-streaming rule and allow customers to stream their own videos.

The ruling is expected soon.