It may not be a flashy camera, but the new device, which is billed as a “fashionable video recorder,” will certainly be seen as a significant step forward in video capture technology.

“I think this is a huge step forward,” said Michael A. Schuster, chief executive of New Frontier Technologies, a video camera startup.

“You can now have video that is at the same time the most personal, immersive, and interactive thing you can do on a device.”

New Frontier, based in Chicago, is selling the device for about $200 and says it will work with Android, iOS, Apple TV, Windows and Windows Phone devices.

New Frontier claims to be the first device to use a sensor that can capture a 4K image with a high definition 4K video recording.

The company is offering the new video camera for $150 on Amazon, Google Play and other retailers.

It also is available on Apple and other Apple devices.

It works with GoPro cameras, which can record video with up to 60 frames per second.

New Frontier has been a key partner in developing wearable cameras and the company recently introduced its first, the New Frontier Video Camera Pro.

The company also has another wearable camera, the DASH-1, which was released in August.

New Horizons’ DASH device has a 5K video capture sensor and can record a 1080p video in an instant.

“This is going to be an extremely exciting new frontier in video, and New Frontier has the potential to be a leader in this space,” said David Zabriskie, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“This will be a huge deal for consumers.”

The video camera is the latest in a growing crop of new video capture devices that have popped up on the market.

Some of the devices have already had some success.

Earlier this year, Apple released the Apple Watch, a smartwatch that features a camera that captures a high-definition 4K resolution video at 60 frames a second.

That camera is also compatible with the GoPro camera.

But the camera is designed for only 3D video, so it cannot capture 360-degree video.

New Horizon’s camera is much more robust than those cameras, and it can record an additional 3D image.

It will also record videos of people, like video of a funeral, according to New Frontier.

New frontier has also made several announcements about its camera technology, which includes the ability to capture an additional 2D image of a person.

New Horizons has said that the camera will be able to record an augmented reality scene, but it has not yet released a product or release date.