A new camera app that lets you take photos in the dark and take them in the middle of a storm has been unveiled by a Canadian startup that is developing a camera with a shutter in the palm of your hand.

The camera app called Focal Lens lets you snap a picture and then use a smartphone’s camera app to capture the moment in slow-motion using the camera’s built-in flash.

The company says the Focal lens will be a “next generation” camera that is able to capture “full resolution” images and also capture images at different speeds.

In a blog post, the company says it is developing the camera to be able to take photos of the Earth at different times of the day and in different weather conditions, such as when a cloud is forming, when the wind is blowing, or when there is a storm coming.

The product will be available in 2017, but the company is aiming to make it commercially available later in the year.

The Focal lenses is the result of a collaboration between two Canadian companies: First Wave Technologies and the Canadian Light Engineering Company (CEL), the makers of the Polaroid cameras that are widely used in Canada.CEL’s technology is based on the technology developed by Polaroid Canada, and it has been used in other countries, such a the U.S.A.

The concept of the FOCAL Lens is to let the camera capture a picture with a camera app and then upload it to a server that takes a series of images, each one of which is captured with a different sensor and then combined to make the final image.

That will then be uploaded to a website where people can upload their own photos of their own homes, gardens, buildings, cars and so on.

Focal Lens is the first app to use the CEL technology.

The FOCal Lens will also allow users to take pictures with a smartphone camera app, and then combine them into a single image that can be shared to social networks.

In the blog post about the new camera, First Wave says the product will work with the Apple iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets.

The app will also let users upload their photos to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks such as Flickr.

The photos will be stored locally on the device, and the company said it will also store them on cloud servers.

“It’s like having a cloud storage account with your photos and videos, but with an unlimited storage option,” the company wrote.

“The photos can be uploaded, shared, and downloaded on a smartphone or tablet in a matter of seconds.”

The company is hoping that users will use the Focal Lens in a variety of applications, from social media to the automotive industry.

The announcement comes as Canada grapples with a record-breaking winter.

A report from the National Weather Service forecasted a record low for January, as the mercury dipped to just -6 degrees Celsius (-5.3 degrees Fahrenheit).

The low has already hit some communities where residents are struggling to get to work.

The low is also expected to affect many schools, colleges and universities.

The weather service forecasted that the coldest January in nearly 20 years will continue through to the middle or end of February, with temperatures dipping to -5 degrees Celsius (minus-12.5 degrees Fahrenheit) and falling to -3 degrees Celsius by the end of the month.FOCAL lenses is an ambitious idea for a Canadian company.

The project was initially funded by the government of Canada, but that funding was stripped in September, according to the company.

“We’re a small company that was raised by a government program, but we’ve been able to turn that into a fully functioning company and bring a very big product to market,” FocalLens CEO Tom Lue said in a phone interview.

Lue said the company plans to take the product to markets that would be unfamiliar to most Canadians, such in the U: the U and Asia.

The new product will come with an optional warranty and a $100 price tag, but there is no word yet on when or if it will be on the market.

The technology is being developed by Canadian Light and the Folar Lens is part of a partnership between First Wave and the CELS-funded Canadian Light Technology Corporation.