It can be a little frustrating when you don’t get a clear picture of the subject.

Here’s how to take a photo in any weather and take a video in the same moment.1.

When you open the Camera app, tap on the shutter button.2.

On the menu, tap the Photos icon.3.

From the Photos menu, swipe up to the top of the screen and select the “Share” option.4.

From there, select the camera icon and you should see a “Camera” button at the top-right corner of the menu.5.

On this screen, you’ll need to select a location and select “Photo” as the option to capture the image.6.

You can also tap on “Panorama” and select a photo from the panorama menu.7.

When the image is taken, tap “save” and enjoy.8.

Tap “share” and upload the image to Facebook.