Apple is moving away from the old-school camera, the video camera.

That means the iPhone, iPhone 7, iPhone X and the Apple Watch.

All of them have video cameras.

That’s not a huge surprise, as the cameras of the iPhone 6 and 6s, the iPhone 5s and 5c, and the iPhone 4S are all great cameras.

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are all better video cameras than the iPhone cameras of last year.

But all of them are better than their predecessors in some areas, and it’s a shame that they’re all on the same price.

Apple introduced the iPhone in September 2017, the same month as the release of the new MacBook Pro.

That MacBook Pro, and many other laptops, are very similar in size, shape and specs to the iPhone.

There are also some notable differences in specs and features.

Apple’s new MacBook Pros are smaller, lighter and more compact.

The MacBook Pro is the first laptop to support Touch ID, which means you can unlock a laptop without holding your finger on the screen.

Touch ID works on iPhones and iPads, and requires a fingerprint scanner.

But you can’t use Touch ID on the iPhone X or the iPhone 8 because those phones are still in beta testing.

There is a fingerprint reader on the back of the MacBook Pro when you remove the lid.

There’s also a fingerprint sensor on the sides of the screen when you’re holding the MacBook.

The screen is also a little larger than the MacBook’s, but the difference is negligible, especially when compared to the size and shape of the previous MacBooks.

The fingerprint sensor is on the right side of the back, which is much smaller than the one on the top.

The laptop’s camera is also smaller than that of last years MacBooks, but it has a better lens.

There aren’t any external cameras on the laptop, and they’re the same size and type as the ones on the MacBook Pros.

The camera on the new Macbook Pros is a 12MP front-facing camera.

It’s the same as the 12MP camera found on the current MacBook Pro models.

But the new 12MP rear camera is a much better camera, allowing for more detailed shots.

Apple has also improved the quality of the camera with the new 13MP camera.

The 13MP front camera is better than the 13MP rear one, but you can see it’s still very similar to the 13 MP rear camera on last year’s MacBook Pros, and that camera is still on the lower price point of the older models.

It can take images with low-light, even at night, but not for photos with more detail.

The new 13 MP camera has a 5.5-inch, 1440×2560 resolution screen.

It has the same pixel density as the iPhone 9 and the new iPad Pro models, which makes it an upgrade over the 13-inch models that cost around $1,500.

The display is actually a very nice matte, with the edges of the display covered by a glossy plastic shell.

Apple says the display is very high-contrast, and you can make out a few pixels.

It does have a “blur-free” mode that removes the background blur, which helps the photo look sharper.

The glass on the front of the phone is a different material from the plastic used on the old MacBooks and the MacBook Air.

Apple claims the glass is anodized aluminum, which will last longer than plastic.

It will also last longer on the phone than plastic, but there are some concerns about the material.

You can still see some of the metal on the inside of the glass, though.

The phone also has a slightly curved design, with an angled glass panel on the bottom.

The bottom of the bottom is curved like the iPhone’s, and some people think the curved edges make the phone look a little too square.

It also feels a little thinner than the previous iPhones.

Apple also changed the design of the Apple Pencil, which replaced the previous pen that was integrated into the phone’s keyboard.

The old Apple Pen was a tiny, thin, rounded piece of plastic that was attached to the bottom of your iPhone.

Now, the new Apple Pen has an integrated, slightly curved plastic part.

That curved part lets you draw on the display.

It won’t be as good as the old Apple pencil, but at least it’s not as big and awkward to hold.

Apple is also making changes to the software of the phones.

Apple will now allow you to add your own apps to the phones software.

That includes third-party keyboards, which can help make the apps more useful.

Apple and Google have also released new versions of their Android apps.

You’ll be able to download third-parties apps from Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and Microsoft’s Store.

The Apple Watch app will also be updated to support third- parties apps, which Apple says will make