The video camera app for Android will be available on Google Play sometime in the near future, the company announced today.

The app has been available for a few weeks on Google’s Google Play storefront and it can now be found in the “games” section of the store.

Users can select “skateboarding” or “video call” to pair the app with a Google video call, allowing them to send video footage from their smartphone or tablet to a Google Camera, Google Maps, or any of the other devices that support Google Camera.

Google has already released a version of the app for iOS and Android devices, but users have had to download it separately for each platform.

Google isn’t saying how many of the devices will be able to use the camera app, but it does suggest that the Android version will include more “in-built functionality.”

The camera app was released in early 2017 and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said at the time that the company was “very excited” about the app’s potential for mobile devices.

Now that it’s available on Android, Google hopes that users will want to use it for their favorite videos.