An inventor from China is bringing a video camera to market that’s more than just a shutter: It’s a camera that can record the exact moment the shutter is pulled, eliminating the need to rely on an expensive film and a special tripod.

Tae-young Kim of Fudan University, in Shanghai, said he was inspired by the video camera he built in college for a project he had to complete.

“The video camera is one of the most interesting inventions in my lifetime, because it is very versatile,” Kim told CNN.

“I think the camera could be used in a lot of things.”

For example, it could be placed in a pocket to capture a video of a person or the scene in front of you, or attached to the top of a motorcycle, Kim said.

“I hope it becomes a tool to create new opportunities for us, to create opportunities for people who need to be able to record their lives,” he said.

Kim built his prototype camera using the technology of video cameras made by Kodak and Fujifilm.

It took about three days to assemble, with parts of the camera that were made in China, Japan, and South Korea.

Kim said the camera was built around a sensor that could record video without the need for a film, and a camera lens with a flexible, interchangeable lens that could be adjusted to capture different angles of the scene.

Kim also built a tripod that could mount the camera on a tripod, a tripod he said was easier to control than the traditional camera.

“When I took the picture, I used a standard tripod, but with a film holder on the end,” Kim said, adding that it was easier for the camera to work on the floor or other flat surfaces.

Kim’s prototype camera also has a built-in GPS chip that will help it track its location.

Kim has partnered with a Chinese manufacturer, Dongfang Electronics, to sell his device and said the Chinese manufacturer had agreed to help develop the camera.

The company is also looking to make the camera in China.

The camera can be mounted on a flat surface and has a wide angle lens that allows the user to see the camera at different angles, Kim explained.

“It’s a very small camera that has a small footprint,” he added.

The video capture function, which uses a combination of the lens and the camera, was created by using the sensor that the camera uses to record the scene, Kim added.

He said the device can be used for all kinds of different applications, including in business, photography, and even in sports.

“You can put it on the sidelines of the track, or the roof of your house, or anywhere you want, and the video can be recorded,” Kim explained, adding, “The camera will not only record video, but also the movement of the person.”