There are several Android-based cameras that can record video for you and your friends, but they’re limited to capturing stills.

You can still get a better-quality video from a third-party app, but it requires some work.

Now, Android camera makers are starting to push video capture apps to the Android platform.

These apps use a video capture interface to capture videos in an easier way.

And they work on all Android devices.

They all use a similar interface, with a handful of settings and features that make it easier to record and share videos.

Let’s get started with our picks for the best video capture app for your Android smartphone.1.

Videoplay Android Video Capture app2.

Videolamp Android Video Recording app3.

Videocamera Android VideoCapture app4.

Videoboom Android Video Camera app5.

Videogrip Android VideoGrip app6.

Videograph Android Video Editor app7.

VideorAndroid VideoRecorder app8.

Videospreaker Android VideoSpreaker app9.

Videotube Android VideoTrip app10.

Videote Android VideoToolbox app11.

Videostream Android Video Tracker app12.

Videoware Android VideoPoster app13.

Video VideoStream app14.

Videoshare Android Vimeo Android VideoStreamer app15.

Videosource Android Video Streaming app16.

VideoSource Android Viber Android Video Chat app17.

Videozer Android VideoVoicemail app18.

Videovision Android Video Streamer app19.

Videore Android Video Player app20.

Videory Android VideoViewer app