Hacker News article Hackers have developed a new way of installing an iPhone-sized 360 video cameras.

Dubbed the 360 Video Camera (or VCC) and dubbed the “iPhone video camera” by the developers, the cameras have a number of unique features, including a camera that can record at a 720p resolution, a camera mounted on the rear that can shoot 1080p video at 30fps, and a USB port that can convert a 480p video into a 360 video.

These new devices have been spotted in the wild in China, South Korea, Russia, the UK, Australia, and the US, according to the Hacker News forums.

Hackers have been experimenting with 360 video capture devices for years, but the devices have not been made widely available.

A 360 video camcorder with a 720-degree view of the environment can cost upwards of $2,000, but even the cheapest of these devices is capable of capturing 1080p, 60fps video.

The 360 camera can record 1080p at 30 frames per second, or 720p at 60fps.

While most video cameras are either small and portable, the VCCs feature a much larger camera that has a wide-angle lens and a video capture resolution of 360 degrees.

The camera can capture 720p, 30fps video at 60 fps, and 480p at 120fps.

The developers of the Vccs say the device’s large camera is the key to the device having a wide field of view.

“The camera is a large camera, which means it’s capable of being used for wide-range video recording,” the developers write in their description of the device.

“Its size allows for capturing 1080i, 30p, 720p videos, and can record 120p video in the same time, making the camera a perfect choice for those who want to record a wide variety of video clips in a compact package.”

The developers also say the camera’s video capture is more accurate than that of most 360 video devices, allowing them to capture higher resolution video at a higher frame rate.

The VCC camera uses a USB connection to convert 480p to 360p, which the device can use to record 720p video.

In addition, the device uses a 360 USB port to convert the video from 480p, 360p to 480p.

The device also features a power adapter that can be used to power the device up and to charge it.

While it is not clear if the VLC camera will ever be made available in the US or Europe, the developers say that it’s already on sale in China.

The VCC video camera is expected to be available on Apple’s next flagship device, the iPhone 6, later this year.

AppleInsider reached out to Apple for comment on the 360 video device.