Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are both capable of 1080p video recording.

However, they are not both compatible with all major video players. 

The iPhone 6S Plus is the only one that can record video at 1080p with no color correction or noise reduction. 

If you want to capture 4K videos, you’ll need a newer iPhone or iPhone 6 that has support for 4K video recording in the OS. 

However, if you want a video player that can capture 4k video, the iPhone 6 is the best option. 

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Video players in the Apple TV range can record 1080p and 4K at the same time, but they require separate apps for playback. 

Apple’s Apple TV lets you stream video from your iPhone to your Apple TV, which means you can stream 4K content to your iPhone without having to create a separate app. 

While the AppleTV’s video recorder supports Dolby Vision, the app does not. 

There is a third option for 4k playback, which is the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch has support built into the app, but it does not have DolbyVision support.

The Apple TV supports 4K and 1080p playback on the iPhone 5S, and 1080i playback on iPhone 6.

The Watch supports Dolasam video playback, but does not support 4K or HDR content. 

For 4K, you will need a compatible Apple TV with 4K support.

For 1080i, you can also use an Apple TV remote, but Apple’s TV doesn’t have Dolasamp.

The 4K playback option requires an Apple Watch, Apple TV Remote, and an Apple CarPlay app.

The 4K Apple TV app will only work with Apple Watch models that have 4K functionality. 

You can also stream 4k content from your Mac or PC to your 4K iPhone using the Apple TV app.

For 4k, you may need a higher resolution.

For example, if the 4K resolution of the Apple television is higher than 1080p, you might need to use an app that can display 4K images and videos.

For 1080i and 4k videos, Apple recommends the Apple AirPlay 2 app.

However you can use a third-party app that supports these formats, such as AirPlayHD, for streaming to your new Apple TV. 

It is also possible to stream 4ky videos from your Apple Watch to your Mac, using an app such as AirplayHD, but you must be running an older version of AirPlay. 

 Apple WatchOS devices have a built-in video recorder, which can be used to record 4K 4K movies.

Apple TV remote controls work with the 4k app, however, you must connect the Apple device to the 4:2:0 HDMI cable.

If you’re looking for a 4K device that will be able to stream video, consider the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are both 4K capable, but only one has 4K decoding capability.