By JONATHAN DUBNERPosted November 05, 2018 05:04:47An old friend has sent a photo that shows his dog buried alive in a shallow grave in an Atlanta cemetery.

The photo, captured on a cellphone camera by photographer Paul J. Blount, was posted to Facebook by the dog’s owner, who called the vet after seeing it on a news report.

The dog, named Baby Bear, was buried by the cemetery staff Monday after the owner found the body.

The owner, whose name was not released, said he found the dog at the edge of the grave and was able to get the camera out.

Baby Bear was a stray, Blount said.

He posted a photo on Facebook of Baby Bear’s skull with the caption: ‘Baby Bear buried alive.

That was a good day.’

The owner said he has been keeping a close eye on the cemetery and called the dog owner, whom he didn’t identify, several times after he received the photo.

“I was pretty sure it was his dog,” he said.

“I thought it was my dog.”

Baby Beets owner Paul J Blount posted a picture of his dogs skull and his dog Baby Bear in an old photograph.

(Facebook) The owner says he received a call from the cemetery’s director of communications who said the cemetery had found the dogs body.

When the owner was told he had no idea the dog had died, he called the Atlanta Fire Department and asked for the dog to be buried.

Firefighters said they were called to the cemetery at about 8 a.m.

Monday to retrieve the dog.

Blount said he was able for the first time to take the dog home and bury it.

He said the dog is very healthy and that he did not notice any signs of abuse.

He said the grave was filled with a white, gray and brown material and that the bones had been moved by someone who had tried to fill the grave with cement.

Belfast resident Paul Blount has posted a video of his family burying Baby Bear.

He shared the video on Facebook.

At the time of the burial, the owner of the dog was at work, and he didn the dog until after the funeral.

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