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When You Don’t Want to Pay for Video Cameras

When you don’t want to pay for video cameras, there are ways to capture and share video on your smartphone without buying expensive equipment.Here’s what you need to know about these options.Video surveillance, also known as video capture, is a form of video surveillance.Video capture can be used to record video of anything, including live […]

What’s in your pocket video?

FOX SPORTS: The video camera bag may have become the new pocket video device, but it’s not quite ready to become the standard camera bag for everyone.We’re talking about pocket cameras, video cameras and other hidden cameras, which have become a popular way to capture video, but are also a new way to record your […]

When ‘The Martian’ Is Finally Released: ‘I Love You, Mars’ Is ‘One of the Best Movies I’ve Ever Seen’

The first official trailer for Ridley Scott’s Ridley Scott Space: Mars was released on Saturday, May 1st, 2019.In the trailer, a group of stranded humans from Mars (from left to right) are sent to Mars by the Federation to help evacuate the planet’s inhabitants.However, one of the stranded humans, the astronaut Scott, has an epiphany […]