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When You Don’t Want to Pay for Video Cameras

When you don’t want to pay for video cameras, there are ways to capture and share video on your smartphone without buying expensive equipment.Here’s what you need to know about these options.Video surveillance, also known as video capture, is a form of video surveillance.Video capture can be used to record video of anything, including live […]

Barbie video camera is a giant video camera

When you think of a video camera you probably think of some giant video-recording machine.And it is certainly a giant one.But a little video camera isn’t a big deal if you use it in a way that is just as simple and effective.That’s what we’ve been working on.We are building a video-camera that is as […]

Why is my job on Hacker News so boring?

The internet is filled with people who can make things happen.And we’ve been conditioned to be so used to seeing things in our daily lives.And when we see a job as mundane as working on a site, that’s where we’re most likely to fall into the trap of seeing that job as boring.But there’s a […]